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Stonewater Wealth  is a fee-only, fiduciary advisor, focused on helping Veterinarians along their financial journey.  We educate and equip veterinarians with tools to reduce their student, personal and business loans, lowering their tax burdens and improving their cash flow efficiency, while offering comprehensive planning strategies, as well as a host of business planning services designed to improve profitability and the net amount after taxes that doctors receive when selling their practice.

We organize your financial life and run point on your wealth strategy

  • Transparent, fee-only pricing

  • Objective, fiduciary advice

  • Veterinary-specific financial coaching

  • Long term investment strategy

Dog and his Vet
Lazy Brown Dog

Veterinary Areas Of Practice

  • Student Loan Payoff

  • Buying into a practice

  • Selling Your Practice

  • Investment portfolio design

  • Lower Taxes

  • Retirement Planning 

  • Investment Management 

  • Business protection and succession strategies

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